Monday, September 14, 2009

A weekend of spoiling!

Wow! Lexi got soooo spoiled this weekend! There was a big LSU game, so of course Unlce Lee had to get her a cheerleader outfit for the game! I think he is as excited to be an uncle as I am to be a mom! I have to say, she did look adorable in her little outfit!! Of course, she's always adorable so what can you expect?!
So Unlce Lee and Aunt Niki did the spoiling on Saturday. Sunday she spent all day with her Nana and Pop. Which of course means that 90% of the time, somebody was holding her, playing with her, talking to her. Whichever she enjoyed at the time! Not to mention while we were at church I looked over at one point (my aunt was holding her) and she had spit up just a little bit and had 3 people wiping her chin!! The one holding her, the one next to her, and someone sitting in front of them who was turned around backwards to help out! lol That's ok though, she's such a happy baby! Somehow she (so far, knock on wood, etc.) doesn't seem to get too spoiled from it all. She knows when she's with Mommy that I'll hold and play with her while she's awake if at all possible. But when I have stuff to do she's also perfectly content to lay in her crib and watch her mobile, or sit in her swing and listen to music. She only cries when she doesn't feel good. I couldn't ask for a better baby. In fact right now, she's laying in her crib listening to Sammie the Seahorse and drifting off for her afternoon nap! :)

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